Isotonic Solution

Isotonix B-Complex

Helps increase energy levels, improve moods, decrease stress, cardiovascular health, helps maintain long-term health, and helps metabolize proteins, fats and 
carbohydrates. Great isotonic b complex for gastric bypass patients.

Helps maintain healthy cholesteron levels, cardiovascular health, joint flexibility and inflammation, and healthy blood glucose level.  A gastric vitamin isotonic solution

Isotonix MultiVitamin

An essential isotonic vitamin for lap band patients.  Supports a healthy immune system, helps convert food into energy,promotes strong bones, maintain healthy blood pressure, helps normal metabolic function, and support deficiencies in diet.

Isotonix Digestive Enzymes

Helps ease upset stomach, helps support healthy cholesterol levels. promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients, and supports a healthy digestive tract. A great probiotic after weight loss surgery

Torch Protein Shake
25 grams of Protein per serving
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Isotonix Vitamins

ISOTONIX OPC-3 comes in a crystal form and, when mixed with water, 95% of it is immediately absorbed by your body, unlike the others that can take up to 40 minutes to absorb only 30%.

Some of these health conditions known to help include: 

Heart Disease   High Blood Pressure
 High Cholesterol Arthritis 
 Depression Diabetes 
 Sleep Apnea Urinary Incontinence 
 Degenerative Bone Disease Respiratory Problems 
 Acid Reflux/ Heartburn Gall Bladder Disease 
 Asthma Bronchitis 

Your body needs to nutrients to begin rebuilding health. 
The best form of gastric vitamins to be absorbed is in an
isotonic solution such as isotonic vitamins 


 An Isotonic Solution is the perfect "solution"  


What are Gastric Vitamins or Bariatric Vitamins?

Gastric vitamins are isotonic vitamins.  Isotonic vitamins are a liquid vitamin that have the same osmotic pressure as your body fluids, such as tears or blood plasma.  You will absorb 95% of the vitamin or antioxidant supplement that you are drinking.  These are great tasting isotonic solutions that are perfect for patients that have had Gastric Bypass or Lap band Surgery.

Hair loss after Gastric Bypass/Lap Band Surgery

Many patients notice an increase in hair loss after Lab band surgery.  This is a symptom of lack of nutrient absorption and can be easily solved by gastric vitamins in an isotonic solution.  This is a problem that is very sensitive and important to everyone to find help for this quickly. The reason is because after surgery your body is forced to live on drastically less nutrients.  With the limited amount of nutrients, your body uses them where they are needed most -- heart and lungs.

So, to help minimize the loss of nutrients and lessen the thinning hair follicles would be to increase your intake of gastric vitamins

Protein is an essential building block.  Doctors are recommending 60 grams of protein a day.  Protein Shakes are a great solution for supplementing. 
B-Complex is known to encourage hair growth.  Best absorbed in an isotonic solution.
  Source Read more

Diabetes Helped by Gastric Bypass/Lap Band Surgery

Gastric Bypass surgery has proven to dramatically reduce blood sugar problems. A new study supports the reversal of Type 2 diabetes after gastric banding.  Interesting data shows the small intestine is the target, not the pancreas.

Surgeon Franceso Rubino tells WebMD the small intestine is not only a conduit for food transit, but an intergral organ in the regulation of blood glucose.  Isotonix OPC3 (also referred to as OPC-3) helps with regulating blood glucose levels, because gastric vitamins in an isotonic solution are absorbed in thr small intestine.  Source Read more

Gastric Vitamins – Isotonic Vitamins A Preferred Choice


There are many ways to get the right vitamins you need, but some ways are better than others.  The ideal way to fill your body with nutrition would be to have a proper diet.  However, in this world of over-processed foods, chemicals and pesticides, it can be impossible to get all the nutrition you need from your diet alone.  Then there are different kinds of vitamin supplements available today.  First is the traditional tablet that is swallowed whole.  Absorption rates can run low with these supplements, however, so they are not ideal.  Chewable tablets fit within the same category.  The best option, then, is to take liquid vitamins.  Preferrable isotonix supplements. Source Read more

A Healthy Body from Your Head to Toe

Your mind, body and soul can change after weight loss surgery. Your body will change, your health with improve and and you will begin to feel better inside and out.  Your body will change, your health with improve and and you will begin to feel better inside and out.  You will notice your immune system will be altered.  It is important to supplement your diet for natural health with a multivitamin, Opc3, and b complex.  OPC3 has been safely used with no side effects for over 30 years in Europe as a anti-viral or antibiotic to take care of overall health. All research shows that liquid vitamins, isotonic vitamins in particular are the best choice for your immune system and overall health after lap band or gastric bypass surgery. 

To maximize the changes, you will have to be conscience of changing old habits.  Some say old habits are hard to die and others know that it only takes 30 days to change a habit.  Which one will you be?  It is all about choices. Source Read more about OPC3 Side Effects

Life after Lap Band Surgery -- What You Should Expect

re than 60 million Americans are effected by obesity. They suffer from serious health problems such as diabetes, cancer and have higher rates of heart attacks, and strokes. Many obese people that have struggled and tried everything to lose weight, chose to do gastric bypass and it can quite be literally lifesaving.

It is not a quick fix, however, to have long-term success, you must stay true to changes in eating and behavior.  The lap band surgery carries risk. You will notice a lower immune system, feeling tired,  and easily get colds or flu.  An isotonic solution antioxidant or OPC3 helps boost your immune system.   Source Read more

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